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Do you want a customer centered and high performing website that is nice to the eye and easy to maintain?

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Are you starting from zero?

Exciting! — Do you see all those beautiful websites from others out there on the internet? Does your company also deserves to have such a nice place on the web? I'll get you started in no time!

Do you already have a website?

Great, then we have a head start! — Maybe you already thought about what you want to improve, or maybe you wonder if your current website can be better. I'll help you finding that out!

I will help you by

🔎 Defining

Getting the goal of the website clear — What do you want to achieve with your website? Who are your customers and what do they want? Your website should be centered around those two questions. I will find the answer to them.

Matching customer needs with business goals — One of the key factors why a website is a success is because it forms a proper match between the needs of a customer and the goals of a business. Your website is where customers meet your business for the first time. It is a vital link in the chain.

🎨 Designing & Planning

Plan on how to strategically use your website for optimal conversion — Your website is an important touchpoint at multiple stages of customer interaction. It's a place that attracts new customers visting for the first time, but also returning visitors. There are a lot of possibilities to convert these people, but where to start? I will help you defining a plan.

Designing a visually appealing website — Your website is the first place people look at after discovering your company. A good first impression is imporant here. People will remember a good looking website and the company behind it, which is only beneficial

🛠️ Building & Delivering

Building a high performing website for all devices — People will visit your website on various different devices with different screen sizes and different internet speeds. From big desktop computers connected to the fastest internet available, to small phones with a slow internet speed. It is imporant that your website provides a pleasant experience, whatever the circumstances. I will help you by building a responsive and high performing website that performs.

Delivering a website that is easy to maintain and change by yourself — I think it is important that you are in control of your own website. There is no need to reach out to me for small changes to your website. Want to change some text, and image, or a color? I will provide you with very easy to use tools to do this without a hassle.

During the design and development process, I listen carefully to all there is to know about your company to identify problems, needs, and possibilities. By quickly designing, sharing, and iterating, I ensure that the process remains efficient and effective. This results in a properly designed website.

Optionally, I build your website as well. My focus lays in what I think is the most fun and effective part: customer centric design. Because I think a great design will ensure a huge competitive advantage.